FLEX™ Drill Pipe Connection

The FLEXTM Connection is a ground breaking innovative dual shoulder drill pipe connection that is revolutionary in its design. Its thread profile is a novel approach in merging old technology with the latest technology to evolve from the traditional redundant method of design.This new, proprietary improved torque connection designed to push the limits of performance on a double shoulder tool joint connection in torque, tension, and fatigue performance along with rapid make-up speed.

Moreover, the FLEX Connection's multi-surface contact load flanks allow the design to reach further into the realm of a truly enhanced performance tool joint connection. With its trapezoidal proprietary thread profile, and dual shoulder design, this innovative connection is capable of reaching increased torques while still maintaining a streamline geometric design. Its trapezoidal thread form design also allows for a large root surface area, which reduces peak stresses within the connection, reduces connections stiffness, and increases fatigue resistance.

  • Enhanced torque capacity
  • Rapid make-up torque
  • Reduced connection stiffness and peak stress
  • Connection increased wear life
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