The 1st-Kut Casing Departure System is a unique whipstock One Trip System. One Trip Systems reduce operating costs by requiring only one milling trip on each specific operation. This results in added value, as less trips in the wellbore equals higher margins. Furthermore, this super-efficient unit provides the means for directional entry into oil producing zones while cutting the window quickly. 

In addition, the anchor assembly is designed to anchor the whipstock firmly in the cased well bore to facilitate sidetrack milling. This anchor is mechanically set, allowing for top and bottom side exits. Two retrieval methods are available: the die collar overshot and a retrieval hook using a dovetailed integral tang.  The mill hard facing uses carbides carefully selected from custom blends and is applied in conjunction with specially engineered inserts to form a homogenous cutting structure which is field proven.  Included is the fulcrum pad, which is intended to pivot the top side of the whipstock against the casing wall.  Pad sizes vary by casing weight.

  • Designed to reduce stress on milling assembly during mill cut-out phase
  • Assembly deploys with whipstock and anchor into hole
  • Attached with flexi-shear bolt arrangement to ease passage through dog legs
  • Tungsten inserts for quick cut time
  • Variety of standard and custom sizes
  • Whipstock slide provided with mill guide face to eliminate walk and to guide mill through casing
  • Retrievable with hook or die collar at any time
  • Variety of cost-efficient and economical field services available
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